Any of the presentations and workshops below can be customized for time and audience.

Who is this for?

Movement Voodoo workshops are customized depending on the audience and time available. We’ve worked with businesses, senior centers, conferences and more. Below is a sampling of our workshops:

Balance, It’s all in your head!

Balance is a complicated interplay between your vestibular system, your visual system, your body and your visceral system.

In this presentation you will learn about each of these “systems” and how they affect your state of “balance.”

Then we will teach you powerful drills to use immediately and continually improve your balance. 

This workshop is suitable of every body and any state of fitness.  The drills you will learn are fun and easy to do!

Re-Defining The Core – 3 Power Centers in the body that are dysfunctional in nearly everyone

We all desire a stronger core and we work hard for that firm belly, and yet.. Most of us suffer pain and/or tension in our low back and neck.

Do you suffer chronic injury cycles? So you get strong and break? Do you experience incontinence during activity?

These are all potential symptoms of a dysfunctional pelvic floor, poor breathing mechanics and a weak core.

Are you looking for answers? Another perspective for getting out of pain? This workshop will deliver science-based information and methods on how to connect to your 3 powered centers and help you create a bullet proof core!

Vision – the number one training method you aren’t using!

Vision is so much more than 20/20. “Visual Acuity Training” will unleash your body’s full potential. You can improve your strength, speed, coordination, agility and endurance with vision drills! We call this workshop “secret training” because you will see major improvements in your athletic abilities and we are pretty sure no one else is teaching these techniques! This is the number one way the body makes physical change.

The Power of the Neural Warm-up

This 5 minute “Warm-up” taps into your body via your “proprioceptive system” , or rather your body’s GPS and stimulates every joint in your body! This will prepare your body for a race, or for your workout, or any activity by giving you better flexibility, alleviating excessive tension and free your movement. You will also learn how to use this system to change your experience of pain, so you can get on with your activities.

Use the Brain, Fix the Body – An Introduction of Brain Based Training for Athletes, and mere mortals

Your brain is the most adaptable part of your body and yet controls everything you do and everything you are! In this introduction to Brain Based Training, you will learn about 4 pathways that affect the way you move and feel.

We will teach you powerful tools to show you how to get out of pain, to achieve better mobility, increase core strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, better balance and vision.

No athletic ability necessary. This presentation can be customized for specific groups, sports, corporate, seniors, youth, etc.

Corporate Conference Afternoon Reboot

You don’t want to lose the attention and focus of your conference attendees, especially in the afternoon.

Let us deliver an on-site refresh and reboot session that will relax and re-energize your attendees.

We use play, mobility exercises (suitable for all bodies), some yoga, breath work and amazing neural drills to get bodies that have had to sit too long moving and playing. We re-energize your attendees and prep them to feel fresh and focused for the rest of the day!

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