What is Movement Voodoo?

We are Personal Trainers with a BIG Toolbox

We are personal trainers in Bend, Oregon, with decades of personal training experience. We are both multi-sport athletes who have competed at high levels, with all the experiences of what it takes to train, compete, get injured, rehab and get back into the race. We have a great deal of education from the best of the best in our industry, and we have something else… another level of education that gives us tools beyond the bio-mechanical models of training the body.

Trainers with Science-Based Tools

Because of our collective experiences and our continued pursuit of knowledge to help our clients, Movement VooDoo is that rare collection of trainers that have a deep pool of knowledge and powerful science-based tools to help you to make change in your body and in your experience of living.

We love to make people strong. We use Kettlebells and other heavy objects like barbells, club bells, sandbags and mace bells, all the cool and sexy tools. The best strength tool is often your own body weight! We can crush you with our body weight workouts. We can turn you in to a bundle of muscle that is both strong and supple. We also introduce our clients to the most powerful strength tool, vision training. This is one of our Movement VooDoo Specialities.


It Starts with the Core

We are big on what we call “foundational strength.”  It all starts with, you guessed it, the “core.”  That physical nuclear reactor is where all posture, mobility, stability, flow, balance, power and movement originate.  We go deep into the dynamic dance of the pelvic floor and the diaphragm as your “core.”  And teach some additional extra secret techniques to help activate your core.  Things like vision drills, neck mobility, tongue position and breathing, to name but a few.

We are Rehabilitation Specialists

We are also “Rehabilitation Specialists,” “Re-Integration Specialists,” and “Therapy Specialists.”  We are THE best next step after Physical Therapy and for what we like to call Pre-Hab.  We are aces at solving Chronic Injury Cycles and we love to work with knee, hip and shoulder replacement clients who are experiencing pain or an inability to move well.  We do that next step work in re-integrating a body part back into the whole body.  So often the whole body gets out of balance because it has been compensating for that injured area.  We include balance work honing vision with precise head movement, with hearty doses of re-establishing posture, gait mechanics and proper breathing techniques.

Powerful Yet Soft Specialties

Movement VooDoo has some other very powerful specialties as well.  We have what others might call “soft skills” in the areas of lymphatic work, visceral work, breathwork, nutrition, behavior modification & scar tissue work.   When roadblocks to continued improvement appear, we look deeper into what we call “higher order systems” that are the foundations of our well being.  We work within the limitations of our licensure and have partners we trust and refer to when we feel it is in our clients best interest.


The Science of Hope

As you can see Movement VooDoo is different from standard modalities of Personal training.  This difference is because of our education and use of applied functional neurology in our work.  What this means is that we have a very different way of looking at our clients problems, goals, wants.  For us, everything is possible… at any age, with any physical history or current physical state.

Neuroscience is “the Science of Hope.”  This is the bedrock of our training philosophy.  We can help you.  We have the right attitude, limitless tools and a lot of experience changing lives through better Movement.

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