Our clients have sent us letters and reviews over the years. We have a few to share with you.

Words From Our Students

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Denise and Nate. Their work is inspiring and their knowledge will change how you think and move. They have a wide range of skills and can help anybody at any level of fitness. Because I feel so good after working with them, it is easy to do their homework. Thank you soo much!!
-Sean Gregg

Want to be stronger and pain free when you train? It’s not magic, it’s Movement Voodoo! Nah Not Really!! It’s great instructors who know how to make you healthier than you can imagine. The voodoo is in how amazingly dedicated they are at helping those in the gym and their community. If you need help with taking care of your body while you train think of Voodoo!
-Brandon Shewbert

Intelligent, efficient, and fun; I always leave a session inspired by something they taught me. Some teammates and I got together to do some conditioning under Nate and Denise. Not only did it effectively supplement my jiu jitsu, they also taught me about how the different muscles and mind connect and work. They motivate me and have helped me grow my confidence in my off-the-mat training. Their attention to the important and meaningful elements of health and functional strength sets them apart from others, which to me, is ultimately what makes great personal trainers.
-Julia Myers

Happy Students


“I started training with Nate and Denise in hopes of improving my mobility strength. They exceeded my expectations in drastic ways. Nate will make sure that you earn your sweat while working your way through a well designed workout strategy. The workout is tough, but my day-to-day life seems so much easier now. I sleep better, I eat better and I move better. This is not a place to go for a simple ‘meat-head’ workout, you won’t do burpees until you die. Nate and Denise are very perceptive; they really know how the human body works and after a short time working with you, they know how to help your body work better.”

- Justin Clayton McCune

“After breaking both knees in 2006 I had orthoscopy surgery but continued to have pain. I started an exercise regimen with Denise and have not experienced pain since. My exercise program is always enjoyable, even on Friday at 6:30am!”

– Faye, 85

“Just wanted to thank you for all work you have put into my training.  I’m learning a lot.  You’re the best!”

– Enzo, 48

“After 20 years of different classes, bootcamps and personal trainers, this is the first time my butt was sore after a workout. Denise is so in tune with body movement she could see I wasn’t activating my glutes and she told me exactly what to do to get them working.

– Lisa, 43

Happy Students


I am a 47 year old woman with degenerative discs in my lumbar 4 and 5.  I spent a year working with a spinal doctor and a physical therapists and was very worried about approaching real training ti take me to the next level.

Denise has been amazing!  She spent time getting to know means my condition.  She is very conscious not to do anything that could hurt my back, and it is clear she really thinks about me and my needs.  She keeps notes about what we should/shouldn’t do in our next session, she notes prepped ahead of time so it’s obvious she thought about it, but she always checks with me throughout our session to make sure I feel okay and am not feeling any pain.  What I also like is she is able to protect me but pushes me forward.  I feel like i’ve made real progress with her!  Not only that but she varies the exercises to keep it all fun and she’s a great person!

I highly recommend Denise and would refer her with our hesitation whatsoever.

- Stacy

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