An introduction to Sports Vision Training & the 9 Basic Elements of Sports Vision

90 minutes
Great for Coaches & Athletes

Sports Vision – The most powerful Athletic Performance Skill you are NOT training!

The single most significant athletic skill that separates average athletes from elite athletes is…Vision.

This is so much more than 20/20!  It is better described as “Visual Skills”



  • We will teach you visions hierarchy in the brain and the body. You have to see well to move well!
  • We will show you how powerfully vision training can affect mobility, strength, speed, agility, coordination, balance & endurance.
  • Then we will guide you through a series of vision assessments and practical vision drills that you can use to train your visual skills and improve your athleticism and the way you play your sport!
  • The smallest visual impairment create deficits and physical compensations in athletes

Vision is athletic skill and can be trained!

Another way to look at Vision Training and how it affects your sports training:

Eye Circles (working eye muscles) for better posture.  All great movement quality is built on mobility and dynamic posture.  You do this for your body, but the eyes need it too!

Saccades to enhance speed.  Fast eyes unlock the body.  We will show you how.

Vergence for strength.  Stimulating anything in the centerline contributes to core strength.  Also for better depth perception.

Peripheral Vision for Endurance – being able to see what you are not looking at is huge!  This is THE most important visual skill for every athlete!!

Near Far – to anticipate and react accurately.  An athlete needs to be able to see things close, far and in motion so he/she an coordinate accurate movement!

Eye/Hand/Foot – coordination for accuracy which involves seeing, processing and then reacting perfectly.



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