An Introduction to Neuro-Athletic Training

2 hours ~ Great for Coaches & Athletes ~

The most science forward method of improving athleticism & preventing injury.

You know how to train your athletes. You’ve been in the business for years, seen it all, done it all. Or have you?

What if your program is NOT training systems of the body that have THE most impact on increasing performance in your athletes?

What untapped potential are you leaving on the table?

The most science forward athletic training systems are integrating Neuro-Athletic Training into their program.

Simply put, If you want to change the body? Change the brain.

Movement Voodoo wants to introduce you and your athletes and coaches to Neuro-Athletic training and show you how you can tap into the Visual, Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Interoceptive Systems to powerfully affect the way your athlete’s move and perform.

This training involves easy drills, works instantly, takes no special equipment, and can be done anywhere and in mere minutes.

Professional teams in every sport the world over are integrating this powerful training into their programs, why not you?




Here is what you can expect to learn and experience in our Introduction to the Neuro-Athletic Training:

What Is “Neuro-Athletic” Training?

Why is it the most science forward and significant athletic tool you are NOT applying it your training?

How the Brain is Fed? Neural Hierarchy

Neural Pathways – and their connections to your ability to increase your performance.

Visual Acuity – most powerful athletic performance skill you are NOT training

Vestibular Acuity – oldest sensory system in body, fastest to react to stimulus

Proprioception – the athletes movement map, a multi-layered pathway

Interoception – Where the ‘You” lives in your brain, your experience of pain, and the place you can change your perceptions into a new physical reality

Threat vs Safety and your training – why this matters.

Minutes on the hour – integrating Neuro-Athletic Drills into your training

The Movement Voodoo “Assess/Re-Asses Protocol”

Ten (10) of the most powerful Neuro-Athletic Drills –

  • Each athlete and coach will experience of these drills.
  • Using the Movement Voodoo Assess/Re-Assess Protocol, each athlete will take away measurable scores to better experience their movement deficits and explore techniques to amplify their strengths.
  • We will provide coaches notes on each drill so your team will have a plug and play resource for including these drills into your training.

Book this groundbreaking workshop/presentation for YOUR team. Give your athletes the most powerful athletic performance skills available.


We have worked with:

  • The Peninsula Fencing Center – JR Olympic Fencers
  • San Jose Ballet Company – Summer Scholarship Program
  • Athletes from North Pacific Juniors Volleyball
  • Athletes from Junior Lava Bears 14U Baseball
  • Bend Endurance Academy Competitive Climbing Team
  • Empowered Strength Gym Members
  • FootZone Runners Presentation
  • and multiple community Workshops in Bend


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