Our Partners in Health

Our Partners in Health

in Bend, Oregon

A healthy body needs more than physical activity. For help with recovery, healing, relaxation, nutrition and more…

Bend Chiropractic and Wellness

This group is a perfect fit with the work we do at Movement VooDoo.  They are Chiropractors who also educate clients on movement.  This helps chiropractic adjustments “stick” and helps progress the client back to wholeness.  Bend Chiro and Movement VooDoo often co-present workshops because our base philosophy and style complement each other so well.


Center for Life Chiropractic and Wellness

We love this well-established practice because of the way they take care of their patients. Dr. Friedman is gentle and patient, and I love the way he engages his patients in continuing conversations that educate and inspire their continued healing.


Heart of Life – A Centre for Optimal Living

This very special practice is so unique, like my clients. I deeply value having Dr. Jessica as a resource for clients with very special physical and emotional needs. Heart of Life’s modality is a perfect fit for clients needing to move beyond experiencing pain and fear of movement.


Effectual Nutrition

When Kristy introduced her business and spoke about her practice at a networking group, I immediately knew she was the nutritionist I wanted as part of my Partners in Health.

Effectual Nutrition has no food dogma, and they do not prescribe unreasonable or unrealistic diets. There are no supplements or shakes to purchase. Effectual Nutrition is about educating their clients, helping them eat real food, build confidence, and have freedom in their lives to enjoy food while making powerful new habits.

The detailed intake process and the depth of the food and behavior intake forms are a signature of a smart program. And one step further, they assess allergy and food sensitivities that can be huge influences on nutritional success.

Here is an opportunity to learn about what is right for you and what might have unknowingly sabotaged your previous efforts.


Coeur, Naturopathic & Chinese Medicine

Dr. Michelle is the epitome of healer/warrior. I admire her depth of knowledge and her many modalities for treating her patients. She educates and delivers fantastic take-home work to deepen her clients progress. I especially value her understanding on treating women’s special health needs.


Left Coast Raw

Their raw vegan shakes are real food! Dried in a way that preserves the enzymes and the nutritional integrity of the food. It is ground super fine for great on the go mixability. This company is very socially and environmentally evolved which shows in their packaging and in their charitable environmental and animal programs where they give back. But what I love most about Left Coast Raw…. is the taste if their amazing fruit and veggie shakes! They also have some killer vegan protein shakes and the best tasting energy drinks that aren’t a cup of coffee. Hit me up for a sample.


Connection Rio Jiu-Jitsu Academy

A “Partner in Health?” Yes!

Professor Dennis is a local Oregonian who has spent his life studying martial arts. He has trained with the very best in the world and lived in Brazil for 12 years!

I restarted my BJJ practice at CRA (after a few years off ) to help rehabilitate my brain after an accident. But soon remembered how much I love the way BJJ challenges my body and my psyche. It is a complex martial arts that allows you to grow on so many levels.

Connection Rio is more than a martial arts school, it is a family centered around values of discipline, courage, respect, knowledge, and community. CRA has a full selection of classes including women’s only classes.


Central Oregon CBD

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil. 

Not all CBD products are the same. I was so curious about this exploding new industry and it’s purported health benefits. One of my BJJ brothers happened to be one of Central Oregons premier educators on the topic.

A long time grower of medical cannibus and producer of full spectrum hemp CBD oil, Tim Fratto is a regular radio guest speaker, prolific live blogger and guest speaker at CBD educational events.

He gave me so much of his personal educating me and answering my many questions on oils, tinctures, tropicals, and on how to assess quality, and advise on dosage, et al!.

I am very happy to have Central Oregon CBD and Tim Fratto as another of my “Partners in Health.” Such is my confidence in the quality and health properties of his “full spectrum” CBD oils.


Symmetry In Motion – Gyrotonics & Gyrokinesis

Strength and suppleness are not opposites, they are twins. One needs the other. You cannot build strength without proper mobility, nor does mobility serve the body without the integrity of strength.

Kimberly’s has Gyrokinesis classes and her Gyrotonics private sessions at her private studio. Here is a practitioner who has devoted 20 years to her movement art.

I highly recommend this body of work for every body, especially for those who are losing spinal mobility, those who suffer chronic back or neck pain, or who have repetitive injuries.

This style of movement is a perfect complement to the style of training we do at Movement VooDoo.


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