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Beyond Bio Mechanical Training

We are extensively educated in what is called “Brain Based” training. We go beyond the bio mechanical model of training the body. We tap into the source of what really controls our movement (and our eating habits, our thought patterns, our very being…..) our brains.

A Brief Overview of our Education in Brain Based Training

The Foundation
How movement, balance and vision impact our everyday lives. How dysfunction in these change our very structure, cause pain and contribute to injury and disease.

Movement re-education, re-habilitation and re-integration. You do not have to become your injuries, you can get your body back! (A perfect step between Physical Therapy and going back to your previous fitness regime. A smart investment of time before surgery for faster post-surgery recovery).

Balance and coordination. I call this Secret Training because of the tools I offer that will guarantee measurable improvement in your sport/passion (running, golf, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, dance, crossfit, basketball, etc)

Vision has the greatest impact on our bodies. It plays a huge part in how well we move, can trigger pain, and is often a culprit in injury. It is not about 20/20 vision, but so much more.

Soft Skills
There is power in touch. We have many methods which use touch to help make change in the body.  Visceral touch, motor points, dermal layer skin stimulation, scar work, joint mobilization with breath work, to name a few.

Spirit and Sustenance
The neuroscience of what it takes to make lasting Behavior Change. And the science of Nutrition (spoiler: you CAN do it your way and No, I am not selling supplements!).

Deep Knowledge
Applied Functional Neuro-Anatony – Understanding the physiology of how all the above the above is possible.

Continuous Learning
Deeper neurological study and practical applications in the areas of Breathwork, Pelvic Floor, Vision Training and Vestibular Rehabilitation.

The Neurology of Pain
Explain Pain – the emerging science on pain and the tools to lead clients out of pain patterns, change pain triggers and re-set the clients understanding of how pain lives in the body.

Happy Students


I have degenerative discs in my lumbar 4 and 5.  I spent a year working with a spinal doctor and a physical therapists and was very worried about approaching real training to take me to the next level.

Denise has been amazing! She spent time getting to know my condition. She is very conscious not to do anything that could hurt my back, and it is clear she really thinks about me and my needs. She keeps notes about what we should/shouldn’t do in our next session and she always checks with me throughout our session to make sure I feel okay and am not feeling any pain. What I also like is she is able to protect me but pushes me forward.  I feel like I’ve made real progress with her! Not only that but she varies the exercises to keep it all fun and she’s a great person!

I highly recommend Denise and would refer her with our hesitation whatsoever.

- Stacey, 47

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