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My Story

As a ballet dancer, collegiate fencer, competitive speed skater, runner, cyclist, rock climber, sailor, martial artist… I have been many versions of an athlete, and with that,  have had the experiences of as many injuries including, numerous broken bones, back injuries, concussive head injuries, torn hip socket, chronic over training, severe dehydration and altitude sickness.

Even so, I was always the chubby girl, overweight teen, and the mom who took three years to lose the 65 pounds gained during pregnancy. My first diet was at 12 and since then, I have been on literally every diet ever published.  What worked for others, never seemed to work for me.  With evermore candles on my birthday cake,  “the rules “change yet again and it has become harder than ever to achieve my athletic and personal fitness goals.

Call it a mid-life metamorphosis, but 10 years ago I took a hug leap into a new career that felt like a calling.  I became a Personal Trainer… with a mission!   I was hell bent to find ways to help myself and others like me fulfill their ultimate potential as a person/athlete by finding ways to break limitations, solve chronic injury cycles, weight issues and step into our most complete selves.  I dove headlong into my education and in  a few short years had completed over 14 certifications, read countless books, a watched every video I could from the best minds in fitness.

Becoming a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC) was my humble beginning.  I love the simplicity and beauty of these balls of iron and the way they train us from the “core” outward.  Next, I dove into the corrective world of Functional Movement and found my special talent in figuring out how to help people move out of pain and movement limitations and into their athleticism. 

Then my whole world shifted when I started with ZHealth Performance and learned to approach the human condition through the lens of applied neurology.  Simply put, if you want to change the body, you must change the brain.  This brain-based approach to training has further deepened my ability to help clients with a broad range of issues from loss of balance and coordination, movement re-hab after injury or surgery, weight loss, vision changes, physical imbalances, chronic pain, weakness, metabolic damage, and chronic injury cycles. 

One of my favorite skills sets is a special layer of my  personal training I  call “Secret Training.”  It is for those willing to work for a higher level of athleticism and involves vision and vestibular training in addition to refined sport-specific movement correction.

I believe with all my heart that “anything is possible.”   My clients have taught me so much about the potential of change, at any age and with any physical limitation, illness, or injury.

If you are interested in meeting with me, know that our first session is free of charge.

I want to hear YOUR story, and all the details of your triumphs, what you love to do, your injuries, issues, goals, obstacles, how you want to change and why.

My Athletic Endeavors

My personal athletic background includes: classical ballet, collegiate fencing, national level speed skating, rock climbing, cycling, small boat sailing/racing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Scottish heavy athletics, Argentine tango, GoRuk and Russian Systema. 

My newest sport is skate skiing and paddle boarding with my dog Ronin!

My Education & Professional Certification

B.S. Journalism
RKC – Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor
Anatomy Trains
ZHealth Performance (Essentials, R-PHase, I-Phase, S-Phase, T-Phase, Spirit & Sustenance, Structure, Next Evolution)
NOI – Explain Pain


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