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We are Personal Trainers in Bend, Oregon who look at movement, fitness & health through a different lens.

Our Passion

We love to help our Bend, Oregon clients lose weight, get stronger, be the best at their sports and change their experience of pain.


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Our Trainers

We are personal trainers. Not the “beat down” kind but the put you back together, fix you and send you back out kind.


Happy Students

“I started training with Nate and Denise in hopes of improving my mobility strength. They exceeded my expectations in drastic ways. Nate will make sure that you earn your sweat while working your way through a well designed workout strategy. The workout is tough, but my day-to-day life seems so much easier now. I sleep better, I eat better and I move better. This is not a place to go for a simple ‘meat-head’ workout, you won’t do burpees until you die. Nate and Denise are very perceptive; they really know how the human body works and after a short time working with you, they know how to help your body work better.”
- Justin Clayton McCune

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We’d love to help you move and feel better. Send us a message to start the conversation.

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Denise: 650-520-8286
Nate: 831.236.7067


Bend, Oregon

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