Beyond Kegels: Brain, Breath, Core and Pelvic Floor


Saturday, September 7th
9am to noon at Heart of Life in NWX

Did you know that weakness in your core, or pain or stiffness in your neck and lower back is directly related to a possible dysfunction of your pelvic floor?

Did you know that the activation of your pelvic floor is the missing link that can finally get your core to develop an untapped strength affecting your posture, mobility/flexibility and your strength with a much ‘lower risk of injury?

Join us for an empowering workshop in which you will experience a holistic and integrative approach to strengthening your core.

We will explore the connection between the core and the pelvic floor at the physical, emotional and brian levels.

You will leave with valuable techniques to maximize your health and keep your core strong and flexible for many years to come.



Presented by:
Denise Palermo, Movement Voodoo, Bend
Adriana Mireles, Pelvic Floor Specialist, San Francisco

In this “Brain, Breath, Core and Pelvic Floor” workshop you will:

  1. Develop an understanding of the deep connection between your core, your pelvic floor, your breathing and your brain.
  2. Experience novel exercises to build proprioceptive awareness to increase activation of your pelvic floor and deep core muscles.
  3. Take home your tool box of practical skills with cutting edge integrated neurological science based drills to build your pelvic and core strength, suppleness and tone.
  4. Discover the existence and experience the power of the “third diaphragm” and how it unleashes the power of your pelvic floor in connection to your core.
  5. Learn the neuroscience of how the state of your mind influences the state of you pelvic floor and affects your entire strength, health and vitality.

Please bring a yoga mat.
Heart of Life NWX is located at 2863 NW Crossing Dr Ste #110, Bend, OR 97703.


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